Sunday, December 04, 2016

Doc Love's Guardian Angel

Doc Love’s guardian angel wears
A lampshade on his nose
Cuz every moment Doc Love groans
His guardian angel glows

Doc Love called him Pauley once
That’s very quaint I thought
To name your guardian angel but
Angels can’t be bought

Given names they bear for sure
Given songs employ
To praise their Maker and their King
And bring their charges joy

Pauley’s quite a with-it flap
(wears Ray-Bans you can tell)
His bluesy voice sounds like it came
From the bottom of a well

So if old Doc should come your way
And strum his fine guitar
And like an angel sing on high
With light from yonder star

Know that Pauley’s took his cue
For 8 ball and 2 bits
To run the side of stars & stripes
And chalk up another hit

~ Ken Paxton... December '16

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