Sunday, July 26, 2015

Half-Life, Anthropomorphic

All used up, all fallen down,
Electrons spinning out of town,
Man at half-mast

All tucked in, all trotted out,
Arrhythmia wind’ing ‘fore the bout
Man at half-mast

All beat out, all battered in
Gnarly contraption in fettered skin
Man at half-mast

Ageful apparitions form the substance
            Of garrulous images sliding past,
Inclined to contend for sublimation,
            From solid to ether-man at half-mast.

Half awake, half asleep,
Half a man upon the mast;
Half dying, realizing
What can’t be made to last.

Half gone, half here,
Half turned into the wind;
Half losing and finding
What can’t be lost again.

Half wise, half wit,
Half knowing every name;
Half sorry, half hopeful,
Half playing in the rain.

Old prospects drift into dreams,
            But all too fast,
Dreams can turn to memories
            For a man at half-mast.

                                                            by Ken Paxton

                                                                        Dec. 2001