Saturday, July 07, 2018

Onto The Frozen Lake

Onto The Frozen Lake

Eight years old I’m ever ready for adventure
Dad takes the fam out onto a frozen lake
Not just any lake, Lake of the Woods, Oregon
One of God’s jewels of nature, a sapphire
Mounted in the malachite forest
And azurite of a cloudless sky

In the deep dark days of chicken-feather snow
The lake didn’t just freeze but hibernated
Under a layer of downy flakes of such
Even depth, it looked one of Gram’s quilts
Stippled with the stitches of tiny feet
Wondering about in search of food

Now winter has been taking a break and
The sun bares its chest to dip into icy waters
A day or two before out in the middle of the lake
It melted a pool to swim in and the sleepy
Kokanee wondered why snow mosquitos never
Landed on the still surface of the dense water

Then last night ice trolls from the north pole
Descended on the lake for a long drink of Cascade
Waters leaving as mysteriously as they came
The lake pool was now a looking glass of the
Purest emerald green ice with a flawless
Reflection of all the surrounding ridges and pines

Eight years old with hockey skates laced up tight
Gliding by the awkward strokes of a novice
Yes it feels like flying while Mom watches from
Her folding chair ready with hot chocolate
And my older sister carves her own patterns
Dad is wary but sees no cracks, smiles all around