Thursday, September 21, 2017

Touch My Eyes

‘scuse me sir, could you kindly point me in the direction of eternity?
                   yes, yes I could… and would, if I thought you could get there.
i’d be there now if i had sight.
                    no doubt. why don't you let Me just touch your eyes, see what you see?
it won't hurt will it?
                    not a pinch, if you want to see.
what do you mean?
                    all you know has been discovered in the darkness.
i know the rose is beautiful and its thorns not.         
                    how find you its beauty?
the breath of summer’s shade.
                    what of the thorns?
a brother’s betrayal.
                    what color has it?
                    lost is the soul that sees
                    what was so clearly understood,
                    revealed as unimaginable mystery.
a terrifying mystery.
                    because you do not know it.
how can i approach it?
                    I Am the way.
how can i perceive it?
                    I Am the truth.
what if it destroys me?
                    it will, but I Am the life.
well… alright then, you can touch my eyes.
                    I already have.