Wednesday, July 17, 2019



A privilege of human life is to engage our experience thoughtfully. This animals cannot do.

We reminisce to engage our past.

We imagine to engage our future.

Without these engagements our present is a thin tapestry, threadworn, faded, mostly dominated by a vague light shining through it, unable to offer illumination of its own.

An engaged life reveals new colors to the human world with every passing year. From it, by God’s grace, we are hopeful and encouraged such that we encourage others.

This engagement gives context, a frame of reference or base line on which to build understanding. And where there is the pain of suffering, God’s grace brings the miracle of healing the human heart for He loves us. His love, our love, our heart, memory and imagination are evidence we are made in His image. 
Only humans in all creation can hold this to be true, for we apart from all creation can know truth.

(Written by the side of Hwy 97 by Mt. Shasta on August 17, 2017, after visiting my family in Oregon and Washington.)